Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Grandma with the girls

The girls love to go shopping with grandma. She is always there to spoil them. The picture is from a couple of years ago. I can really see how much they have grown.

Penelope and Vince

Penelope is having fun with Vince. He cannot seem to stop bringing home another pet. I am soooo done trying to stop him. I am letting him take full care of the animals he brings home. Oh well....I knew I married a big kid!

Lexi sends her message of peace through fashion

She is wearing her sign.

Vince and Penelope

Vince keeps bringing home pets. I cannot keep him from his real passion....animals!!! Well,...another day, another pet.

Sisterly love

The girls giving mom a smile...what are they up to?????

Britt and Gary having a beverage

A little soda for friends

Vince is being the strong man!!!

My hero!!! My handsome husband shows off his muscles...well .....kind of!!! Ha Ha We are in Myrtle Beach on vacation and he is having a bit of fun with me.